Humanizing the approach to Film Production, 

Brand Strategy Consultation & Photoshoot Production

" Brian has demonstrated the skills, talent, and forward thinking . His interpersonal style is engaging and open which provides the collaboration necessary to build effective teams.  As an example, Brian brought disruptive technology to a conventional and often conservative industry. His advocacy for innovation and improvement led to the adoption of this technology (EksoGT) at multiple sites. Brian's creativity and problem solving abilities will help drive multi-dimensional improvements for an organization focused on market development and growth."

Andy McGuigan, MPT ( Program Development Manager-Northeast for Ekso Bionics)

Ekso Bionics/Brian Rubiano/New York City/Film, Branding, Photoshoot/Humanize It by Brian Rubiano

" We LOVE collaborating with you Brian! Thank you for being such a huge part of the SKP family and for jumping in head first to our amazing projects together. Here's to many more!"

SpinKick Pictures, LLC

Spinkick Pictures/Brian Rubiano/New York City/Film, Branding, Photoshoot/Humanize It by Brian Rubiano

" Brian is a visionary leader in the skilled nursing facility industry. His enthusiasm and inspiring optimism make him an absolute joy to work with, and a favorite amongst all who meet him. It was such a pleasure collaborating with him, and I would gladly work with him anytime."  

Josip Markus 

(Life & leadership coach, teacher, writer, musician, entrepreneur, environmentalist, advocate for indigenous life and wisdom, philanthropist )

Walk Your Path by Josip Markus/Brian Rubiano/New York City/Film, Branding, Photoshoot/Humanize It by Brian Rubiano

" Brian is highly sought after for coverage in supervisor role, as well as clinical development role.  He conducts himself professionally, and has good relationship with staff members.  The staff reported that he had a good balance between clinical/HR/systems/organization, and the administration also liked him."

Tracy Kreidler, Physical Therapist ( Director of Staffing & Regional Manager for Tender Touch Rehab Services)

" He  (Airman Rubiano) exceeded all expectations in serving as both a United States Air Force and United States of America ambassador while entertaining over 350,000 Air Force personnel and their families at 127 performances throughout the continental United States, Europe, Alaska, and the Pacific. His commitment and personal sacrifice was tantamount to the unit's success.."  - Awarded an Air Force Achievement Medal

Colonel Joseph W. Mazzolla ( United States Air Force)

US Air Force ; Department of the Air Force/Brian Rubiano/New York City/Film, Branding, Photoshoot/Humanize It by Brian Rubiano

" I also want to thank Brian Rubiano, Post-Production Producer (Amy's Victory Dance), these wins wouldn't have been possible without him."  

 Amy Jordan (subject of the documentary, Amy's Victory Dance) on KTVN 2 Reno, Nevada

KTV 2 Reno , Nevada

" Thank you so much for your help in Stamford  ( The Villa at Stamford's Rehabilitation Department 

in Connecticut).  You really put them on the right path "

Shlomo Levi ( Regional Director of Operation for Center Management Group)

hu·​man·​ize | \ ˈhyü-mə-ˌnīz

humanize. In Merriam-Webster.com.

from https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/humanize

: to address or portray in a way that emphasizes that person's humanity or individuality

:to include or increase human interaction in a process


Provide humanizing approach while helping YOU expand your purpose using the medium of Film Production, Brand Strategy Consultation & Photoshoot Production


To help create a thriving socio-cultural ecosystem in the world of media where Representation, Diversity & Inclusion are abundant


Maximize the platform of Film Production, Brand Strategy Consultation and/or Photoshoot Production to bring about the true essence of humanity and be one of the vessels to the voiceless, marginalized & underrepresented


1. Be a catalyst for change

2. Facilitate growth frame of mind

3. Collaborative Spirit

4. Ability to think outside the box 

5. Further expanding of purpose to help others expand theirs