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Title: FollowLeadLOVE (feature documentary)
Production Company: Transend'Daens
Director/DP/Editor: Brian Thomas

Producer/Writer: Brian Rubiano
** currently in the Final Stage of Production
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FollowLeadLOVE is about a Queer African-American and an Aging Asian female Broadway veteran defying the odds of once and for all break the barriers of the ballroom world’s traditional and regimented gender roles of male being the leader and female as the follower. But the question is, can they usher it to the next level of true gender equality ? While confronting the systemic political & socio-cultural issues they are facing personally and professionally?

FollowLeadLOVE transcends beyond dance. It reflects the trials and tribulations of  its protagonists both on and off the dance floor as they look into embracing the shift of their roles in order to create an opportunity to transform from within. In addition, this film shows how they exercise and fight for their rights as partners and individuals on the stigma due to ongoing racial prejudice and social injustice, further magnified by the pandemic caused by COVID-19.  

This is also a documentary that unravels the ugly and inconvenient truth of cultural racism happening within some of the facets of the Performing Arts Institutions. It reveals the subtleties of how they assign values and perpetrates the normalization of white supremacy in order to rationalize the unequal status and degrading treatment of Communities of Color behind their superficial embrace of inclusion and diversity.


PS Love Robby Poster
SpinKick Pictures, LLC

Title: P.S. Love Robby (short documentary)

Production Company: SpinKick Pictures

Director/Producer/Editor: Brian Thomas

Producer/Interviewer: Brian Rubiano

Executive Producer: Maggie Sposato

Director of Photography: Johnny Tsang


This film centers on Robby, a 59-year-old neurodivergent with autistic characteristics. He shows how he navigates his surroundings and lives his life to the fullest from his unique perspective. Further, as the neurodivergent population ages, "PS Love Robby" represents the desire to build a solid foundation of integrity. A documentary that demonstrates compassion, understanding, acceptance, and how a strong family support system can provide a sense of belonging and self-esteem for the aging neurodivergent.

PS Love Robby is a heartwarming film about the beauty of life, the joy of unconditional love, and how aging gracefully with neurodiversity is possible.

Amy's Victory Dance
Title: Amy's Victory Dance (feature documentary)
Production Company: SpinKick Pictures, LLC 
Distribution Company: Buffalo 8

Director/Producer/DP/Editor: Brian Thomas
Post-Producer: Brian Rubiano
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On May 1, 2009, Amy Jordan a New York City based former professional dancer crossed the street and was hit and ran over by a 15 ton New York City Express bus pinning her under the wheel, knocking her unconscious. As she regains awareness, she remembers having no feeling on the right side of her body. Her first thought, “Am I ever going to dance again?” Her second thought was “ If I survive the night there will be a Victory Dance ! “

Poetic Truth Poster

Title: Poetic Truth (short documentary )

Production Company: SpinKick Pictures

Director/Producer/Editor: Brian Thomas

Co-Producer/Interviewer: Brian Rubiano

Associate DPs: Renzo Esposito & Mason Chapello

SpinKick Pictures, LLC


Poetic Truth is a short documentary film that reflects the true story and perspectives of 11 diverse individuals. See and hear the challenges they go through as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, as a Person of Color, Racial inequalities, Social injustice, Bullying, being an Immigrant and as an advocate for Freedom of Sexual Expression and Female Empowerment. This is a film that looks into the importance of representation, diversity and inclusion. A project that reveals its subjects' truth in a unique hybrid of capturing movements in a stylized way and documentary style interviews.

Poetic Truth encapsulates the essence of Empathy, Connection, Equality & Mindset as well as humanity’s unalienable right of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

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