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Brian Rubiano(Founder & CEO ) is a first generation Immigrant from the Philippines. He received a certification from Harvard University on Rhetorics via their online learning initiative.  Brian also graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy and attended Graduate Degree classes for Master of Science in Health Care Administration at Central Michigan University. He also served as an active duty military for the United States Air Force. Part of his Air Force Career was the opportunity to tour worldwide as a performer under the auspices of the Air Force’s Premiere Entertainment, "Tops in Blue." After honorably separating from the military , he worked as an Occupational Therapist in the Washington DC area, while also working as an actor/performer for various theaters, entertainment companies, films and televisions.

Brian moved to New York City in 2007  to further pursue his acting career.  He eventually became a member of both the Actor’s Equity Association (AEA) and Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA).  In February of 2015, he took a break from being in the entertainment world and accepted the offer to become the Director of Rehabilitation for a Rehab and Nursing facility in Brooklyn, NY.  Brian continued working as a Rehab Director up until January of 2018.  In Feb of 2018, his company created a position for him as a Traveling Supervisor /Clinical Specialist.  Throughout his healthcare career, he remained passionate in incorporating creative strategies, humanizing approach to management, collaboration and continues to be an advocate on the optimal therapeutic benefits of fusing arts and healthcare. ​


On February 14, 2020, he took a major career leap of faith by leaving his job in healthcare to devote his time in producing socially and culturally relevant films.  As a Film Producer, he is currently working on feature documentaries entitled P.S. Love Robby and  FollowLeadLOVE .  The latter project is under an Independent Multi-Media Production company which he co-founded, Transend’Daens . He is also the Post-Production Producer for both the Award Winning feature documentary film Amy’s Victory Dance and the short film Dark Matter under SpinKick Pictures. Another film project he is part of is the short documentary entitled Poetic Truth on which he co-produced and did the interview to 10 of its subjects.  This is another collaboration with the Award Winning Director Brian Thomas.


On May of 2020, in the midst of pandemic caused by COVID-19, Brian decided to create his own company, Humanize It by Brian Rubiano, LLC .  He believes that he can incorporate his years of experience, knowledge and skills from various industries to help create a thriving socio-cultural ecosystem in the world of media where Representation, Diversity & Inclusion are abundant.  Brian's purpose is to provide a humanizing approach while helping others expand their own purpose using the medium of Film Production, Brand Strategy Consultation & Photoshoot Production.  His mission is to maximize these platforms to bring about the true essence of humanity and be one of the vessels to the voiceless, marginalized & underrepresented.   

My childhood days in the Philippines
My childhood days in the Philippines

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My childhood days in the Philippines
My childhood days in the Philippines

Performing in the Philippines

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Photo taken by Rex Lott

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My childhood days in the Philippines
My childhood days in the Philippines

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