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Behind The Scenes

Title: BEHIND THE SCENES (talk show)

Production Company: Humanize It by Brian Rubiano

Studio: Manhattan Neighborhood Network 

Creator/Writer/Producer/Host/Editor: Brian Rubiano

Humanize It by Brian Rubiano


A monthly 30-minute talk show where the host (Brian Rubiano) features and chat candidly with diverse Independent Filmmakers in addition to showing a sneak peek of one of their projects.

Where to watch:                                     Time:  6:00 PM EST  

Manhattan Neighborhood Network                  

Lifestyle Channel           

   *FiOS channel 34

   *RCN channel 83

   *Spectrum channels 56 & 1996


Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Episode 1 

"BT & Rumi"

Original Air Date: May 11, 2022

The host caught up with award-winning and Emmy-nominated Brian Thomas and Japanese filmmaker Rumi Oyama about the journey to becoming an indie filmmaker and a look at one of their projects.

Episode 2

"Daniel Danielson"

Air Date: June 08, 2022

An African-American indie filmmaker Daniel Danielson has a candid conversation with host and producer, Brian Rubiano. Also, see a sneak peek at one of his projects.

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