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Corporate Photography in partnership with

SpinKick Pictures 

As an organization and as a brand, it is important to regularly update yours and your vital employees’ photography portfolio.  Not only having a good and updated professional photos make the best first impression to your clients or customers, it is also becoming more important nowadays especially with the surge of multiple Social Media platforms like LinkedIn and how the internet revolutionized the way we get our information. One study indicated that 60% of people conducting online searches are more likely to go for a result that includes images.


That said, even before a possible client or customer read about how excellent of a service your company provides and go through all your accolades, they have already made a quick decision about your organization and your brand solely based on an image. One thing you want to avoid is for your competitors having the advantage over you, simply because those individuals who make up your organizational structure, don't have professionally done headshots.


Even though it can be tempting to just use your phone to do quick snap shots or even ask a friend with a decent camera to take pictures,  nothing can replace a professional corporate photographer who has the  experience in lighting, angles & poses.  Keep in mind that if you want your brand or organization to be represented the way you envision it to be, you need a professional who has the right skills. Someone who has the knack to make their clients comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. It is a marketing tool that needs to be taken seriously if you want your organization or your brand to be taken seriously by your present and future clients or customers.

Team SpinKick Pictures has solid equipment that includes high end cameras, bodies & lenses.  Our Award Winning photographer, Brian Thomas has a solid understanding of lighting and  knows how to guide you on how to utilize your best angles & expressions in order to translate your organization and your brand’s unique personality in photos .  We also have a photoshoot producer who has extensive corporate experience that will work with you before, during & after your shoot, and a team member that has the right skill required during post-production that includes retouching.  

We are a collaborative & a tight knit team with diverse corporate and creative experiences who understand what it's like to be in front and behind the camera. Each and everyone of us has the ability to deeply connect with every single one of our clients and we collectively share the passion of capturing who our clients are and where they want to be. You can expect only the most professional behavior and results from us.  Not only we are passionate about our work but also our clients’ 100% satisfaction. We thrive on going above and beyond to produce the best photos for your organization.

That said, we are confident that we can deliver exactly what you are looking for may it be headshots, portraits and/or candid work shots. So what are you waiting for? Let's start the conversation and together let us take your business to the next level through our photography services!

Corporate Headshots_Humanize It by Brian

Photographer: Brian Thomas

Photoshoot Producer: Brian Rubiano

Why is it important to update your corporate headshot?


Any noticeable changes on how you look? New hair style? Lost or gained significant weight?  These are just some areas to consider why you need to update your headshot.


It is important to know that having no headshot is just as bad as having an outdated one.  An updated headshot is vital when it comes to marketing you and your brand’s  “current self.”  You need to present the real and updated  YOU to your clients and consumers, that is why an outdated headshot can be misleading and can affect your ability to build a trusting relationship with them.  Consider this as a “freshening up”  opportunity for your brand or organization.


No matter what industry you work for or your profession is, a regularly updated headshot done by a professional photographer is one of your marketing investments that has the most returns.


Where will you want your updated photos posted?

There are multiple avenues that you can post your updated headshot.  It can be your company website, social media like LinkedIn, signage, business cards, digital and printed brochures.  If you have an office, some companies like to post their employees’ printed headshots in a frame on a designated wall.

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 We also offer discounted Corporate Videography/Photography Package Deals

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