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Humanize It will help you deliver any needs on specific casting, location arrangement, management of people and projects, our goal is to deliver unparalleled and tailored photoshoot production services that are customized to your needs

As a client,  all you have to do is show up on the day of your scheduled shoot. You will have your own photo shoot producer that will be responsible for problem solving, communicating & building trust that are critical factors for any successful shoot before,during and after.  

​​We will take your vision to the next level by having someone to efficiently manage your photoshoot on a customized level.  Services are offered as single actions or as full service depending on your needs and budget.​

1. PRODUCTIONS - We oversee the entire project from start to finish, bringing it all together with precision.  

2. LOCATIONS- scouting; permissions, clearances and insurance will be taken care of for you.

3. CATERING- All meals and craft services will be taken care to your specifications .

4. BUDGET ESTIMATING- Budget Estimating is done free of charge, keeping current trends, finances in mind. The budget is customizable. Maximizing your budget and delivering quality work is what we strive for.

5. SCHEDULES- Detailed calendars and shoot schedules are provided for every project.

6. BILLING- Post production includes collecting and providing receipts, paying the crew, finalizing the invoice and presenting copies to the payee.

7. TRAVEL- Includes transport, hotels, air, customs, immigration, visas, etc. to anywhere in the world.

8. CREW- We hire, manage, collaborate, negotiate and pay assistants, stylists, caterers, scouts, casting directors and digital teams.

9. MOTION- Estimating, DP sourcing and Producing behind the scenes video for your photoshoot upon request.


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Film,Photo,Edit/SpinKick Pictures/Brian Thomas/Collaborator/Humanize It by Brian Rubiano

Behind the Scenes

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