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Photoshoot Production/Photoshoot/New York City/Behind the Scenes/Humanize It by Brian Rubiano

Photoshoot               Production

Humanize It will help you deliver any needs on specific casting, location arrangement, management of people and projects, our goal is to deliver unparalleled and tailored photoshoot production services that are customized to your needs

As a client,  all you have to do is show up on the day of your scheduled shoot. You will have your own photo shoot producer that will be responsible for problem solving, communicating & building trust that are critical factors for any successful shoot before,during and after.  

Photoshoot Production/Photoshoot/Humanize It by Brian Rubiano/New York City

A photoshoot producer oversees the project from start to finish while bringing it all together with precision as humanly possible.   The following are just some of what a photoshoot producer does:

1. Budget Estimation for the entire project.  During Post production ,the photoshoot producer collects and provides receipts, paying the crew, finalizing the invoice and presenting copies to the client.

2. Facilitate and set a meeting between the client and the primary crew (i.e., photographer & editor) prior to shoot date to discuss creative and logistics of the project.

3. Management of people (casts & crew) and projects.  Includes hiring additional crew as needed, drafting of contracts and negotiation with vendors.

4. Being able to resolve and anticipate any problems before, during & after each photoshoot project.

5. Serves as a communication liaison between the crew and the client.  Also needs to be in constant communication with the client to provide updates pre, during and post photoshoot.

6. Scheduling- detailed calendar and shoot schedules for every project and communicate it to casts, crew and the client in a timely manner.  Also overseeing that the schedule is being closely monitored in order to maximize the time provided during shoot date.

7. Location and Travel Arrangement- scouting; permissions, clearances, insurance, transport & accommodation if necessary.

8.  Making sure that all the necessary equipment and props are on set on the day of the shoot.

9. Catering Management- All meals and craft services will be taken care of to client's specifications and budget.

10. Estimating and producing behind the scenes video as needed.


Film, Photo, Edit, SpinKick Pictures/Humanize It by Brian Rubiano/Collaboration/Film, Branding, Photoshoot/New York City
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Brian Thomas - Award Winning Director, Emmy Nominee, Film Director, Photographer, Poetic Truth/Collaboration/Humanize It by Brian Riubiano/Film, Branding, Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes

Abdiel Jacobsen 

SpinKick Pictures/New York City/Brian Thomas/Collaboration/Humanize It by Brian Rubiano/Film, Branding, Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes

Brian Thomas/Director/Collaborator/New York City/Humanize It by Brian Rubiano/Film, Branding, Photoshoot

Savage Patch Kidds

Film,Photo,Edit/SpinKick Pictures/Brian Thomas/Collaborator/Humanize It by Brian Rubiano

Behind the Scenes

Brian Thomas/Director/Humanize It by Brian Rubiano/Collaboration/Film,Branding, Photoshoot/New York City
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