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Brand Strategy Consultation/Human Brain/Humanize It by Brian Rubiano

Brand Strategy Consultation

People have personalities so as your brand.  In order to create good business you need to build a successful brand from inside out. At Humanize It, we are here to help you build a stronger foundation and take your brand to the next level.  It starts with your story and your

PVMV  ( urpose, ision, ission, and alues ).

Passion Led Us Here/Brand Strategy Consultation/Branding/Humanize It by Brian Rubiano


Humanize It’s Brand Strategy method is all about personal connection from start to finish may it be branding or rebranding. We are here to assist you in clearly defining the true essence of your brand before you even begin to create specific marketing tactics.  We can also customize our plan of action depending on your needs and resources. 

Do Something Great/Brand Strategy Consultation/Branding/Humanize It by Brian Rubiano


Human beings consist of more than getting or spending. That said, a humanizing and thoughtful  strategy will do so much better in satisfying a brand’s audience. Humanize It provides streamlined branding pathways from the planning up until the execution stage . We believe in thinking outside the box to help clearly define who you are as a company and most importantly, who you are as a brand.  Because YOU are the BRAND and the BRAND is YOU.

Dream Big/Brand Strategy Consultation/Branding/Humanize It by Brian Rubiano


Important skills are vital to create ways to match your brand to the right market. A brand requires carefully crafted pathways for it to be successful. In reality,  most consumers or clients resonate more on how they feel and not what they think about a brand.  Humanize It believes in the power of real human connection when it comes to branding, in order to cultivate a long-lasting, unique experience and authentic relationship to your audience. 

Creating your Values at Humanize It by Brian Rubiano/Brand Strategy Consultation/Branding


We have thoughtfully created our very own 8 Stages of Humanize It Brand Strategy also known as the 8 SHIBS

SHIBS 1: Trust your STORY

SHIBS 2: Autonomy of PVMV

SHIBS 3: Initiative at the COMBAT ZONE


SHIBS 5: KEEP ON HUMANIZING the Identity of the brand

SHIBS 6: Keep the Intimacy to the CORE OF YOUR BRAND burning

SHIBS 7: The Generativity of your PITCH

SHIBS 8: A STAR IS BORN ! Welcoming your Brand with Integrity

So, are you ready to get HUMANize ? 

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