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Title: P.S. Love Robby

Production Company: SpinKick Pictures

Executive Producer: Maggie Sposato

Producer: Brian Rubiano

Director & Editor: Award Winning & Emmy Nominee

Brian Thomas

Director of Photography: Award Winning Johnny Tsang

** currently in Pre-Production Stage

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Announcement of PS Love Robby's Exclusiv

Link to see the Exclusive Virtual World Premiere of P.S. Love Robby at Crowdcast

with Q & A with the Exec Producer, Producer, Director and Robby's sister (Donna Sposato)

Logline: Aging gracefully with autism


This film is about Robby, a 58 y/o man living with autism.It is a glimpse of how he navigates his surroundings while living his life to the fullest through his own unique perspective. This documentary represents an aspiration of building a strong foundation of integrity to those with autism as they get older. It embodies how compassion, understanding and acceptance can inspire the much needed representation, respect and recognition they deserve.That the level of support they receive especially from their families can help build a sense of contentment, belongingness & self-worth.

P.S. Love Robby will take you on a heartwarming journey by showing you the beauty of life,  a wonderful spirit, meaning of pure joy and most importantly how unconditional love creates lasting impact on aging gracefully with autism.

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Title: FollowLeadLOVE (feature documentary)
Production Company: Transend'Daens, LLC
Producer: Brian Rubiano
Director: Award Winning & Emmy Nominee Brian Thomas
** currently still in Production Phase

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Witness the triumphs and tribulations both on and off the dance floor of a queer African-American and an aging Asian female broadway veteran who joined forces to once and for all help break the barriers of the world of ballroom competition of male to lead and female to follow. FollowLeadLOVE is a film that transcends beyond the world of dance where ballroom competition only serves as a backdrop to reflect social issues that parallels our today’s society such as inclusiveness, diversity, acceptance, female empowerment & equality.

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On May 1, 2009, Amy Jordan a New York City based former professional dancer crossed the street and was hit and ran over by a 15 ton New York City Express bus pinning her under the wheel, knocking her unconscious. As she regains awareness, she remembers having no feeling on the right side of her body. Her first thought, “Am I ever going to dance again?” Her second thought was “ If I survive the night there will be a Victory Dance ! “

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Dark Matter is a film that presents riddles that we as humans need to go through for it to be fully realized. If there were no wrong ,how would you recognize the right ? Without recognizing the sin, how would you know if it’s a virtue? Without the existence of evil deeds, how would you recognize goodness?

In the depths of UNBOUNDED POTENTIAL (Moses Alcid) a spark of curiosity gave birth to PRESENCE (Desmond Richardson). On his (PRESENCE) journey he moves through “Dark Matter” , one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. Opposing this is FEAR (Brit Hay) that manifests herself (FEAR) relentlessly scratching at the surface of his (PRESENCE) mind. PRESENCE must face this force, become one with it and transcend towards his highest self.

Dark Matter tells a story of a soul going through the pathways of darkness in order for it to progress towards a higher plane of existence. Light can only be seen upon attainment of the highest level of our evolution. Light can only be fully appreciated because of its co-existence with darkness. Hence, DARK MATTER...

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